Looking for Other Vehicle Registrations in another state? This one-time registration fee also applies when vehicles are sold between private individuals. Visit the Iowa Department of Transportation's website to find more on whatpersonalized and specialty platesare offered. You are required to renew your vehicle in your county of residence. to mitigate the impact of those vehicles generating littleto no fuel tax used to fund Iowa roads. Power of Attorney Authorization(Iowa DOT Form 411021)Description: This form is used to allow vehicle owners to appoint an attorney in fact to sign documents pertaining to titling and registering vehicles. Trailers that weigh 2001 lbs or more are titled and have an annual fee of $30/year. Online Payments Let us help you find what you need. Christmas Day (Observed) (December 25, 2023), New Year's Day (Observed) (January 1, 2024). If you renew your registration after the grace period of 1 month past the expiration date, you will be charge an additional monthly fee of $5 per month, or 5% of your renewal fee (whichever is higher). These can be acquired starting January 1st of the new registration cycle and are valid for three years. SEARCH THE DOT WEBSITE Motorhomes can be registered at your nearest county treasurer's office, and take the same process as registering a standard vehicle. Sellers ChecklistDescription: This checklist was created by Iowa DOT and provides a checklist you can use when selling your vehicle. Application for Iowa Replacement Plate(Iowa DOT Form 411006)Description: This form is used when applying for a replacement specialized plate. If you itemize deduct on your State of Iowa personal income taxes, a portion of your vehicle registration fee may be tax deductible. Description: This form is used to certify that an individual registering a vehicle is a nonresident on active duty in the military stationed in Iowa. All travel trailers & camping trailers have a title regardless of weight. Description: This form is used when title is to be forwarded to person other than the owner, upon lien release. All trailers used upon the Iowa roadways are required to be registered and plated. Common Title/Registration and related Forms: Iowa Department of Transportation Forms Description: Database of Iowa Department of Transportation forms that can be browsed or searched based on document title, or form number. Use Tax); registration and document fees; processing credits and refunds on vehicle registration Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return(Internal Revenue Service Form 2290)Description: Form 2290 from the Internal Revenue Service is used to figure and pay tax due on highway motor vehicles used during the period with taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. vehicle registration > vehicleregistration > plates > amateur Online Services Driver's License/ID Driver's Education Motor Carriers Commercial Vehicles/CDL Title, Registration & Plates Buying & Selling Motorcycles/ Mopeds Amateur radio call letter plate NOT FINDING WHAT YOU NEED? Registration Decals and Iowa registration numbers display: Ready to register your vessel? A "Certification of Trust" is a document that is simply a condensed version of a trust. Registration fees for trailers are based on the class and size of the trailer. The cost of a replacement registration is $3.00. Visit our Registration & Titling section for information about registering your car. 1999 - 2023 DMV.ORG. Do you want to be a boat dealer in Iowa? When transferring a trailer of any size, a 5% Fee For New Registration (formerly known as Use Tax) is due at the time of transfer. You may renew your registration online at https://www.iowatreasurers.org. Letters must be separated from the numbers by a space or hyphen: IA 3717 ZW or IA-3717-ZW. The ATV is owned and used by the United States government or a political subdivision of another state. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources states that all all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) must be legally registered unless the vehicle meets one or more of the following criteria: To register your ATV, you must complete an application at the nearest county recorder's office. If you have constructed a trailer from scratch that does not have a manufacturer's VIN on it, you will need to bring in a weigh ticket and the trailer's specifics: length and width as well as color. Certification of Correction(Iowa DOT Form 411097)Description: This form is used when the previous title indicates a six-digit odometer reading, or the sellers has certified a six-digit odometer, and vehicle is equipped with ONLY a five-digit odometer. If a replacement registration cannot be achieved, the previous owner(s) can complete a notarized bill of sale with all the required information. Description: This form is used if plates have not been surrendered for storage, registration fees have not been paid for more than three years, and the vehicle has not been operated or moved upon the highway during that period of time. 2. Description: This form is used for title transfers by operation of law. The fee for registering your ATV is $17.75. If the individuals death went through probate, the person(s) assigned as the executor(s) must use their Letter of Appointment to properly assign the title to a new owner. The Disabled Veteran plates and registration card will be issued in exchange for any regular plates or registration card that may have been issued to the applicant. 2. Failure to receive a notice is not a defense to the payment of the renewal amount and any penalty that has accrued. Tell us how we did. When a vehicle owners legal name has changed, the vehicle owner is not required to obtain a corrected title with the owners new name, but must obtain a replacement registration card that reflects the owners new name. For more information or to request an application for approval of a non-profit organization decal, contact OVMCS at 515-237-3110 or emailvehser@iowadot.us. Veteran's Day - Observed (November 10, 2023), Friday After Thanksgiving (November 24, 2023). Subscribe to our News and Updates to stay in the loop and on the road! Trailers more than 2,000 lbs.$30, Regular Trailer- Less than 2,000 lbs.$20. Once the County Treasurer receives the properly completed title work from the dealer, the County Treasurer has an additional 14 days to process the title and mail out the new registration. You can renew your vehicle registration by mail or in person with your local Iowa DOT county treasurer's office. Vessels registered in Iowa, must display their current registration decals and the Iowa issued registration numbers provided by the County Recorder. Many counties also offer online vehicle license plate tag renewals. The county of issuance is shown on the title. You can re-register your vehicle at any time in the future with the payment of the full annual tax due at that time. Affidavit for Artisan, Storage, & Possessory Lien(Iowa DOT Form 144358)Description: This form is used for title transfers by operation of law. Iowa's chilly winter weather makes the state a popular spot for snowmobile enthusiasts. To renew your Iowa vehicle registration by mail or in person, you'll need: Submit the above in person or by mail to your local Iowa county treasurer's office. The County Treasurer will notify you when the plate has been delivered to the Treasurers Office, at which time you will bring in your registration to pick up your duplicate personalized or specialty plate. In addition, the operator must carry the registration certificate on board. Title, Registration & Plates Buying & Selling Motorcycles/ Mopeds Selling your vehicle Selling your vehicle Seller's checklist For dealers Motor vehicle Towable recreational vehicles Leasing license Permits and licenses Registration fee calculator Fee calculator User guide NOT FINDING WHAT YOU NEED? On or before the "enforcement date", Iowa law requires the registration validation sticker, often called a tag, to be affixed to the lower left side of the rear plate for large plates. How can I apply for a refund for the unused registration in Iowa? If the trailer is under 2000 lbs, we will register this trailer as a specially constructed small trailer. To determine what portion, if any, please review the following Iowa Department of RevenueVehicle Registration Fee Deduction Worksheet. The cost is $5.00. Apply for registration refunds on sold vehicles Junk Certificates Motor vehicle and trailer registration renewals Business Trade TruckA business trade truck is 2010 model year or newer and weighs 10k or less and owned by a Corp., LLC, or Partnership, or by a person who files a schedule C or schedule F form with IRS which is eligible for depreciation under the IRS Code. Penalties will apply after 30 days. 1700 First Avenue. The checklist also includes a Buyers Acknowledgement of Delivery of Vehicle & Title receipt form. Bill of SaleDescription: This form is used for a Bill of Sale. Certain motor trucks registered for 6 tons or less, towing trailers or semi trailers, not for hire, are exempt from registration for combined gross weight. You can also find your registration renewal fees on your renewal notice. To renew online, go to the Iowa State Treasurers Association website and use eCheck, Discover Card, MasterCard or Visa. The sticker should be affixed either on top of the prior year renewal sticker or the old renewal sticker should be removed prior to affixing the new renewal sticker. Boat owners must register their vessel with the Department of Natural Resources. The County Treasurer is responsible for issuing vehicle titles, registration renewals, junking certificates, personalized and other special emblem plates; notating and releasing security interests; collecting one-time new registration fee (a.k.a. * Beginning with January 2020 renewals, an additionalsupplemental registration fee will be imposed on Battery Electricand Plug-in Hybrid Electric Motorcycles as required by the Iowa Legislature,HF767. Compare rates andbuy your policy online:Open the Insurance Center >>. Thank you for the ability and ease of paying my taxes and vehicle registration online. The Iowa registration will be issued with the same owners as listed on the out-of-state registration. Trailers that weigh 2001 lbs or more are titled and have an annual fee of $30/year. It is important to understand all of the state and federal requirements when selling a vehicle. A nonresident may register a vehicle in this state, if desired, in the same manner as any nonresident, with the following exceptions that apply to passenger cars: Seriously disabled veterans who have been provided with a vehicle by the United States Government under the provisions of sections 1901 to 1903, Title 38 of the United States Code, (38 Code S.C. If the trailer's empty weight is over 2001 lbs, youll need to contact the motor vehicle enforcement office to be issued a VIN. You would be subject to a violation in that state. SEARCH THE DOT WEBSITE SEARCH OUR A-Z INDEX Whether you've purchased your vehicle from a licensed dealer or a private seller, you must register your recreational vehicle with the IA MVD within 30 days of the purchase date. If the most current registration cannot be found, the previous owner(s) can order a replacement registration for $3.00 from their county treasurer's office. You may also renew your registration by mail or you may renew in person at your County Treasurer's Office. A copy of the submitted form is needed when renewing the registration on your heavy highway vehicle with your county treasurer. SUMMARY: How to Register Your Special Vehicle in Iowa. WE CAN HELP. Iowa state sales tax applies to boat transactions. If the title cannot be found, the previous owners can order a replacement title.